Elias Van Orshaegen

Photo credits Elias Van Orshaegen
Photo credits Elias Van Orshaegen

Cartes is a small table or desk which lays somwhere between sculpturality and functionality. It is the result of an intuitive search to challenge our perceptions. 

Statera acts through equilibrium, moves through wind. It reflects a dreamy refelection of reality and focuses on balance. (collab with Brent Herdewyn& Gijs Notelteirs). 

Astor lightning, a table lamp made of surplus steel tubes and glass bricks which intially were used in cement facades. These glass cylinders were inserted in concrete walls enabling light to shine through. Wanting to preserve their connection to light, we used them horizontally instead of vertically and let the light shine out from within. (collab with Robbe Stevens)

Photo credits Elias Van Orshaegen

Post pandemic love seat, a curved aluminium plate of one meter fifty, symbolic for social distancing ensures that users will sit closer together. the base is made of polished stainless steel, and acts as an extension of any environment. No glue or welding, only mechanically connected elements. this preserves the value of the materials beyond the life of the bench. 


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