Photo credits Antimaterie
Photo credits Antimaterie

Pieter Bostoen (°1983) is a multi-talented creative with a background in interior design. Since his graduation at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent he has been researching several fields in arts and design believing that good design makes a cross-over between different design disciplines. 


His Ghent based studio ‘pieterbostoen.com’, founded in 2010, provides companies, governments and non-profit organizations with interior, graphic and product design solutions. Following ‘Angular’, a brand of 3D printed jewelry, he recently founded ‘Antimaterie’ where he researches the ancient craft of ceramics and how to translate this into a contemporary context. In both brands a unique design language can be recognized. 


Graphical and geometrical elements with a clear emphasis on craftsmanship and combining traditional and modern techniques. Pieter’s work has been exhibited on several occasions both domestically and abroad. His most recent project ‘Dekmantel’ was selected as a part of the Growth&Evolution International Jewelry Exhibition at Beijing Design Week and the Contemporary Design Market in Brussels. 


Photo credits Antimaterie


‘Dekmantel’ The origins of a mask can be traced back thousands of years. Often surrounded by rituals or social gatherings.  It’s a tool to honor our ancestors and heroes. Become a different person, or even commit a crime. All of this history, rituals, duality and meaning are a great starting point for my investigation. 


How can I translate all of this information into a personal  design? What material should I use to make a piece that reflects the profoundness of the subject?  This duality is the starting point for my project ‘Dekmantel’.


A start of many questions; What do I show to the world, or better to the people around me? Do I show my most inner self or do I hide behind a ‘mask’? With this project I want to stop people in their tracks. Let them think about their own masks in relationships with others?



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