Isabelle Van Oost

Isabelle Van Oost
Photocredits Isabelle Van Oost

I make lamps. They are the tropical ones that came back with me from Brazil where I lived and spent several years producing lamps to order. And, the UFOs(OVNIS) built from the assembly of plastic parts from European flea markets. Working on the association of these materials, I project myself into the a futuristic utopian world organized in simple geometries, a world à la Oskar Schlemmer and Winsor McCay (Little Nemo).


In the combinations of forms, materials and colors. I discover a quantity of possibilities to diffuse the light. There are, beyond the playful  pleasure of assemblies, <<discoveries>> where I stop. 

Photo credits Isabelle Van Oost

While continuing this research based on recycling. I study the means to publish these pieces in ecologically responsible materials. 


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