Emma Terweduwe

Photo credits Emma Terweduwe
Photo credits Emma Terweduwe

Emma Terweduwe is a textile designer based in Ghent, Belgium. After graduating with a masters degree in Textile Design at KASK royal Academy for Fine Arts, she founded her own textile design studio in 2020 focusing on consciously jacquard and handwoven objects. Emma’s work is defined by the use of raw and natural materials that are subtle yet expressive such as wool and linen. Through the use of color and natural outspoken materials within the jacquard weaving technique, her strongly graphic designs turn into unique textiles with great tactile and organic aspects. 


Texture, structure and color are very significant in Emma’s textiles, tactility is what it is all about. In that way she criticises our fast and visually driven society, by creating textile pieces that are meant to touch our tactile senses. Her craft results in series of unique and bespoke tapestries, rugs and plaids, in which she invites us to thoughtfully touch, feel and treasure. 


Photo credits Emma Terweduwe

At Contemporary Design Market Emma will showcase her first limited series of woven plaids and two new tapestry designs from her series ‘FLOATS’.


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