Studio Biskt

Photo credits Studio Biskt
Photo credits Studio Biskt

Together, Charlotte Gighan (ceramist) and Martin Duchène (designer) form the creative studio: Studio Biskt. At the crossroads of art, design and handcrafts, their collaboration is characterized by their duality and the contrast that gather them together. A dual universe where ideas arise from hybridizations between industrial processes and manual skills. 

For each of their projects, Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way the object is created. The many experiments involved in the appearances of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration in the architectural field. 

Photo credit Studio Biskt

Their creations whose aesthetic is never fixed, show a temperament that the image of the studio wants to be spontaneous, curious and daring. 


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Hind Rabii Lighting

Photo credits Hind Rabii Lighting Studio

The Half & Half suspension lamp is created by Alain Gilles. It explores the different ways we may perceive an object by day and by night, especially a luminous object.


The goal of the exploration is to bring the object to life and play with the light even when the lamp is not lit.

Just as day and night are two separate entities, so is this suspension lamp. The base takes a fairly traditional approach, diffusing a soft light through its half-bulb in opaline glass. This is the part that comes to life when there is more need for light. In contrast, the upper ceramic part, with its characteristic cross shape, expresses the full force of its personality when brushed by daylight.


Alain Gilles studied Industrial design in France. He opened his own studio in 2007 to pursue his own dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction, and interior architecture. He has since started to collaborate with several international editors.


Click here to download the catalog of all exhibitors in Dutch-French-English. 

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