Paloma Gonzalez-Espejo

Photo credits Paloma
Photo credits Paloma

Yume is a furniture collection created by the interior & furniture designer Paloma González-Espejo. This collection features bedside tables, side tables, consoles and coffee tables in solid wood and natural stone. Born in Madrid, Paloma has been based in Brussels since 2000. Previously a lawyer, she has always been naturally driven to interiors and design. In 2012, she decided to transform her passion into her profession by launching her own firm Joyful Homes. 


Paloma holds a Bachelor’s degree in interior architecture & design from the Brussels CAD (College of Art & Design). For her graduation project, she had to create a bedside table which turned out to be the beginning of the Yume collection. Through this project Paloma reinterpreted the conventional nightstand as a versatile, playful and functional piece of furniture which includes a cleverly hidden drawer reminiscent of the XVIII century’s furniture secret compartments. Originally, Paloma wanted to call her bedside table you/me to illustrate the dual nature of the design. Coincidentally, Yume means ‘dream’ in Japanese which perfectly fitted the project.


Photo credits Paloma

The rest of the Yume furniture collection followed naturally and the original nightstand evolved into various pieces of furniture such as consoles, side and coffee tables. The collection is led by a common principle – two geometric elements articulated through a pivoting axis that allows the tables to be positioned at various angles. These creations add a dreamlike visual presence through the use of high-end natural materials and craftsmanship. 

The warmth and softness of the wooden parts – handmade by Casimir Ateliers – are combined with the grace and elegance of natural stone. Paloma’s work is an ongoing exploration of materials and shapes aiming to create harmonious and timeless furniture and environments for her clients.


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