PJMARES showcases a 22021 edition of the NOMAX kitchen system. In addition they are presenting a new desk collection. Small for home office or expanded for an entire corporate floor. 

If Italians were from Scandinavia,

this is what

their kitchens

would look like.

Call it a subtle celebration of style and texture, or an underplayed declaration of love for cooking. Call it what you will, because Nomax kitchens are personal.

Let’s avoid calling it modular, though. Modular kitchens are bits of kitchen put together in different ways. At NOMAX we start with a frame. And that frame doesn’t even remotely look like a kitchen yet.

A frame takes the space it is given, your space. It doesn’t impose measurements, it doesn’t judge and whether a space is too small or too bulky.  The frame is optimized by applying a natural mathematical rhythm to it, to get the proportions and the balance exactly right. that’s the Scandinavian logic.

Photo credits Tim Van De Velde

You now have a canvas for further exploration of cupboard sizes, number of drawers, shelves, accesories and of course textures and finish. Everything you need to create your vibrant and inspiring new cooking hotspot. 


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