Studio Hugo Meert

Burn To Tell 2014, h. 54 cm, slipcast stoneware, limited edition 24 p. candle holder
Studio Hugo Meert
Photo credits Studio Hugo Meert- Terrarists

Hugo Meert says he feels alien to the figure of ‘the master potter’ who focuses on the virtuosity of his skills, his recipes, indeed his secrets.

Photo credits Tom Van Nuffel

Although he does admit to enjoying using the potter’s wheel, most of his creations are cast in order to exploit the possibilities offered in developing forms and adjusting to exploit the possibilities offered in developing forms and adjusting thickness, rather than following a vocation of for creating several of the same item. He also often uses casting to produce a unique piece.

The engaged and protest-based concept that can be found in a large number of his pieces and the production of resolutely non-utilitarian ceramics highlight the ‘visual art’ aspect of his research. His work can be defined like that of a sculptor who chooses a technique from the decorative arts but retains the approach of a visual artist. when developing crockery or lighting projects. The iconographic repertoire uses figures and found forms, often commonly identifiable archetypes. 

Many observers identify a link with the punk ethic, Dadaism and surrealism. This can be seen in the iconoclastic and exhilarating sensitivity of his re-directed uses of objects, his darkly ironic collages and his way of creating ambiguous images often tinged with erotic allusions. 

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