Delphine Cobbaert

Photo credit Delphine Cobbaert
Photo credit Delphine Cobbaert

Project 1: Resonance

 ‘Resonance’ is a hand-woven tapestry made of natural materials, built up in different layers with a subtle color gradient. The fragile resonance becomes tangible and visible through the twisting and weaving process. In this creative process I draw, weave and connect threads into constructions. 

Just as the line is the basis for a drawing, here my twisted thread is the basis for the handwoven tapestry. In this way a linear image becomes spatial. Depending on how the matter is processed, the interplay of lines reacts differently. In this way, the movement of the line and the form that results from it is a spontaneous and natural result rather than a premeditated choice. 

This spontaneity and the beauty of the tactility of raw materials brings me home to my personal design world and is the motivation to explore the boundaries of textiles. Space, context and tactility are very important data within my artistic process. They ensure that I create a close relationship with the experience of the user and that the boundary between object and viewer is reduced.

 Feeling safe in a house is one of the most important protections. Thanks to the warm and heavy feel of the wool material, I try to create an atmosphere that feels very natural. The viewer does not look passively at the tapestry, but experiences an active experience. Resonance is made in limited editions, so each piece is numbered in turn and unique.

Photo credit Delphine Cobbaert

Project 2: Woven connection ‘Woven connection’ evolved from my strength as a craftsman in which I attach great importance to handicraft, personality, uniqueness, local production and limited editions. Handicraft means the creation that comes from the movement of the hands. 




Taking into account the capacity that my hands can perform. Depending on the technique, machine and tool used that guide my hands, ‘woven connection’ has arisen. My designs are handmade in my own studio using old weaving machines. I took the opportunity to buy old Belgian looms and traditional twine machines and give them a new life by converting the machines into a unique technique of weaving and twisting. 

For the creation of a design, the start is a single wire, which in turn is twisted with several wires. The twisting is done by means of a uniquely constructed machine, which creates a strong, thick wire consisting of different colors and natural materials. I weave this thread through a certain weave binding into a custom-woven carpet.

Within the weaving technique, each machine has its own working width and therefore its own dimensions. Depending on the desired size, I weave different pieces that I attach afterwards by embroidering with leather or interweaving. I have developed these techniques from a need to realize different dimensions within my own production capacity.


 My technique has evolved into a unique and characteristic design to manufacture carpets from my own hand in an honest and sustainable way. Thread by thread, my carpets are hand woven through a combination of natural materials, colors and textures to create a unique artisan carpet to keep and cherish.



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