La Gadoue

Photo credit Audrey Werthle
La Gadoue

We are going to present our latest projects : concept of upcycled textiles for the interior and ceramics inspired by Brussels city.


Our specificity is our in depth knowledge of materials, our wish to extend the possibilities of creation by twisting traditional technics. We stand between craft and innovation. Our honest research is looking towards natural and sustainable materials as we wish to create objects that are freed from ephemeral trends.


We have achieved an expertise in the fields of materials development, colours and their concrete application. We create to objects, ceramics, textiles and surfaces which carry sensibility and humanity.


As a design and production studio, we offer our services of DESIGN and PROTOTYPING for ceramics and textiles projects. We address interior architects, decorators, restaurants and hotels owners, and also artists and designers.

Photo credit La Gadoue

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