Photo credits Avandi
Photo credits Avandi

(Collected matter) showcases AVANDI studio’s commitment to reclaiming neglected materials from the construction and production industry to create new pieces.  In this collection, contrasts are created using textures and shapes, underlining the past story of the materials used. New technologies are used in combination with traditional ones to create unique pieces. 

Founded in Brooklyn in 2014, AVANDI creates durable products that seamlessly blend technology and craft in a sculptural way. Designer Ariane van Dievoet likes to playfully combine materials such as hardwood, stone, concrete, metal, leather or cork. 

She enjoys experimenting with new forms and techniques, constantly learning from her collaborations and discussions with local manufacturers. Trained as an interior architect, Ariane is interested in the relationship between each object and its surroundings, using simple lines and shapes to create timeless minimal pieces. 

Since moving back to her hometown of Brussels in 2018, her work has been focused on reusing architectural materials, reflecting the designer’s state of mind, and combining her two industries, design and architecture.

Photo credits Avandi

 It reaffirms the studio’s values of respectful design, both in terms of production ethics and durability, while going one step further in terms of material selection. 


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