Zaventem Ateliers

Photo credits Zaventem Ateliers
Photo credits Zaventem Ateliers

BLEND is a tabouret made up of thousands of pieces of waste, residues of production from workshops resident in Zaventem Ateliers. The production falls of each workshop were meticulously crushed and mixed with a binder to produce a stool each time different, not in its form but in its composition. It brings together the extraordinary fragments produced by all the workshops, leather, brass, glass, ceramics, resin, foam, glitter, wood…

Every workshop keeps all its waste religiously and the company RENEWI, helps us to grind it. This project will be renewed every year, only the colour of the binder will change. 

Photo credits Zaventem Ateliers

Zaventem Ateliers is a creative hive of 32 workshops, each creative figure produces extraordinary, unique, challenging . This place gathers and amplifies energy thanks to the combined talents.


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