Laure Kasiers Photo credits Laure Kasiers Photo credits Laure Kasiers Textile designer, Laure Kasiers creates and manufactures rugs and other textile objects in her workshop in Brussels.  Thanks to her technique both artisanal and unconventional, forms and organic motifs, such as from nature, taken from a microscope or an aerial view, open our imagination.  Photo… Poursuivre la lecture Exhibitors


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Price list* Booth 12 square meters (3m x 4m) : 300 € V.A.T. excl. Electricity : 70 € V.A.T. excl. Miscellaneous suspensions : *As the exhibition will take place in a different location than in 2020, we cannot offer a definitive price list for the various types of hanging. The options will be updated at the end… Poursuivre la lecture Sans titre

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