The deadline for application for Contemporary Design Market 22 has passed. We’re thrilled to receive so many inspiring entries. Stay tuned for more info about all participants of Contemporary Design Market

The 4th edition

The 2022 edition will again be organized in the beautiful Gare Maritime site at Tour & Taxis, as one of the highlights of the Brussels Design September program, no doubt again resulting in over 7000 visitors and extensive media coverage.

Every year CDM appoints a Guest of Honor and a Young Talent Guest of Honor. This year, for the first time, CDM will also present one BINOME, a creative duo, brought together to explore their different backgrounds in order to find a mutual language, resulting in a design item that will be presented at CDM.


In total around 50 designers and design companies will be able to present their work at CDM.


  CDM now invites designers working in Belgium to apply to join the 2022 edition!






Belgium is known for its creativity, and Brussels for its cosmopolitan nature and multi-diversity. CDM wants to be a culmination of those influences: a reflection and a celebration of today’s design in all its forms and diversity. Design from different angles and cultural backgrounds, in different styles, colors, shapes and visual languages. Therefore CDM strongly invites designers from diverse backgrounds and cultures to apply and join.


Guest of Honor Studio khachatryan

Studiokhachatryan is a Brussels-based interior architecture and design studio founded in 2010 by Noro Khachatryan.

Its practice ranges from sculptural objects to architectural design, elements for public and residential spaces, blending traditional craftsmanship with analytical gestures and natural materials.


While many works are self-produced, others are manufactured in cooperation with international, high-end industrial or artisanal partners.

Young Guest of Honor

Thibeau Scarceriaux

Thibeau Scarceriaux studied industrial product design in Kortrijk and Amsterdam, and furniture design in Mechelen. Hij is currently active as object designer and photographer. As object designer he wants to break taboos by creating objects and functional art pieces that stimulate conversations. 


Gilles Mayk Navangi


Pieter Bostoen

Gilles Mayk Navangi

Gilles Mayk Navangi (°1990) is a painter, illustrator and
sculptor. He graduated from the Superior School of Art and Design
of Amiens as a graphic designer.
His eclectic vision pushes him to express his creativity in
multiple ways by approaching different supports & mediums.
… His work focuses on the phenomenon of civilization, with a
particular interest in primordial African culture. This need
to reappropriate the cultural heritage in an artistic practice is
manifested through the new artistic and creative Afro Descendant
In his work he also proposes a graphic representation of the
human body and nature and in parallel, a reflection on the

Pieter Bostoen

Pieter Bostoen (°1983) is a multi-talented creative with a background in interior design. Since his graduation at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent he has been researching several fields in arts and design believing that good design makes a cross-over between different design disciplines. His Ghent based studio, founded in 2010, provides companies, governments and non-profit organizations with interior, graphic and product design solutions.


In both Angular, a brand of 3D printed jewelry, and Antimaterie, where he translates ceramics into a contemporary context, a unique design language can be recognized, with graphical and geometrical elements, and a combination of traditional and modern craftsmanship.


  • Strong, curated selection of ca. 50 contemporary designers 

  • Located in the beautiful Gare Maritime, at Tour & Taxis Brussels

  • Organized together with the Brussels Design Market, one of the most renowned vintage markets in Europe, as part of the Design September program. 

  • Over 7000 visiting design lovers  

  • Broad media attention 

  • Small time investment (2 days, build up/off included)

  • Small budget investment (€300 participant fee)




TOUR & TAXIS Gare Maritime

Address : Rue Picard, 11 – 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Meet the jury 2022

The Contemporary Design Market will share the floor with the Brussels Design Market, the largest event dedicated to 20th century design consistently attracting over 7 000 visitors! For the third consecutive year, we are proud to dedicate a special area to contemporary design!


The Contemporary Design Market is an exclusive exposure and sales platform for both established and upcoming Belgium based designers working across design disciplines and with a variety of mediums. It is a unique opportunity to discover designers, meet up-and-coming talents, and of course, acquire authentic Belgian design pieces.


Contemporary Design Market is part of the Design September programme and is an initiative of Design SeptemberFlanders DC and Wallonie Design.


Professionals, collectors, dealers, architects and design lovers of all kinds are invited to discover the very best of the Belgian contemporary design scene. Carefully selected by a committee of experts, the designers will showcase their latest creations for one weekend only.

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